The Missed Opportunity For Agricultural Building Construction Companies

The Missed Opportunity For Agricultural Building Construction Companies

There are many ways livestock building companies and construction companies can add value to their projects by helping their customers solve common problems that occur with farm buildings.

The obvious problem being wind, rain and bad weather entering their buildings through the open sides. Construction companies can include Windbreak products as part of their overall package to provide effective ventilation to open-sided sheds while keeping out bad weather.

“It is relatively simple to install Windbreaks and blinds made from netting to open-sided livestock buildings and this could easily be done at the point of design or construction rather than leaving this to the customer to retrofit”, says Will Wilson, Business Development Manager for ARK Agriculture.

The option to install windbreak systems offers another potential revenue stream to construction companies with little outlay. They could present a significantly cheaper alternative to steel or concrete panels.

“It is as simple as offering windbreaks as an addition to the construction of a new building during the quotation stage,” says Mr Wilson.  

Most windbreak suppliers would be delighted to quote for windbreaks and advise on the requirements based on drawings of the shed, then it’s just passing this info to the customer or including it in your quote.

“There is always the potential to negotiate better prices on volume orders in order to generate a better margin”, adds Mr Wilson.

Other options to offer might be water throughs, cattle beds, and ancillary items like protective coatings for hard-wearing areas.

“Obviously, no one wants to get side-tracked from the core business but when you are working on the construction of a shed and you have the opportunity to help your customer solve future problems it’s a win-win”, he adds.

ARK Agriculture supply Secure Windbreaks and Econoblinds, which are manufactured using a unique patented netting and are easily installed using a simple ratchet system, specifically for use on livestock buildings.